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My passion is love, in all it's forms.  I just LOVE love!

So let me capture your love story, because it's sort've my thing ;)


No two sessions are ever the same because no two people are ever the same.  The photos you receive will be carefully chosen from all of the images we shoot together and then individually hand edited to create the perfect collection of carefree candids and classic portraiture.  If you can look at a photo I've taken and you feel something, I've done my job.  My photographs reflect who you are, in that moment; they tell a story.



I am 30ish years young and married to my soulmate (love at first sight! For serious.) with whom I have created an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G family.  We are a silly bunch who believe dodgeball can, in fact, be an indoor sport and tickle torture is a perfectly acceptable means of correcting most cases of crankiness.  I am a low maintenence girl with high expectations of herself.  I take pride in my work and I am dedicated to my clients.  I enjoy my "work" so much that it earned quotations -how cool is that?  I promise to work not just for you, but with you, to create memories you'll cherish for a lifetime.  Pinkie promise.



Stuff That Makes My Mom & Husband Adore Me (so maybe you will, too)

10.  I genuinely enjoy Disney Jr and can and will carry a totally legit convo with your toddler. Except The Lion Guard.  C'mon Disney; you can do better than this... Pride Rock             deserves more.  

09.  On a more adult note; red wine.  I love it.  Merlot = delish.

08.  Cannot. Function. Without. Coffee.  

07.  My favorite food is bacon.  Followed by cheeseburgers ...with bacon.

06.  I hate shopping with only two exceptions -HomeGoods, and Lowe's.  I am addicted to the smell of Lowe's.  I build exactly nothing, yet the scent of sawdust is my 'drug' of               choice. 

05.  My natural hair color is Old Pennies.  You will probably never see it.  

04.  I'm a Pinterest junkie.  You name it, I've pinned it.  Ask me to tell you about my rampant fails and roaring successes in this area.  Ok, more fails than successes, and way                 more pins than attempts at anything.

03.  HGTv.  Chip & Jo are my ...eep... I just... LOVE, yay!

02.  I'm going to cry at your wedding.  Because love. If you wrote your own vows I'm puddled.

01.  My favorite song in the whole wide world is Next To Be With You by Mr. Big.  You know you love it.  And if you haven't heard it, take a listen, because you will love it; bet it               makes it to your wedding playlist!! 


**I will, however, sing to anything with a melody (total brag rights on the size of my Spotify collection), and dance incredibly poorly to every single song because I've got zero shame and Taylor made that okay ;)



Babies are my kryptonite.  If it weren't for all that logical common sense husband says oh-heck-no blah blah blah, I would seriously have, like, 10 kids <3

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