Boarding the Blog Bandwagon

And so it begins.

Very few people in the entire world know the magnitude of this step -I'm AWFUL at blogging. Like, to the extent of which my last blog was actually hijacked and I didn't even NOTICE for over a year.

True story:

Yeah, that's not me anymore, you guys. I would maybe refrain from even clicking around on there because I have zero clue what's going on.


Even fewer than the number of people who know how hard it is for me to blog is the number of people who sit in my office and stare at the empty Facebook post box -void of words. I believe wholeheartedly that I am one of those photographers who is a Visual Storyteller. Period. I want my photographs to say everything there is to say so that all you have to do is reflect, relive, and get some feels.

Unfortunately, a wise (or at the very least, lyrically-abled) man once said, 'you can't always get what you want.' And so. Here we are on page one with me doing some soul searching and digging deep to set aside self-consciousness and stick to my better-late-than-never New Year's Resolution to actually WRITE a blog ...before it gets hijacked again and translated into a language I can't understand, leading me to abandon all hope Circa 2014 of reclaiming said blog.

Side Note: Google = Useless on the help-front.

Where was I? -See? Bad at this ...the struggle is real, my friends. Judge me gently, ok? I'm a newb.

Here is a photo of our family hamster, Tuti, playing the piano to distract you from all that jazz:

Up next: The McCoy Wedding.

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