Ava | Superhero Newborn Session


     Amy & her (now) eldest daughter, Zoey, have been coming to me for their family photos for several years now.  I photographed Zoey's 4th birthday party at Elmwood Park Zoo -Which is right about when I realized the depth of love for comics runs with this duo.  Zoey was Spider Girl amongst a posse of similarly attired vigilante justice-seekers.  Fast forward 3 years to Amy's comment on my Facebook page that she just had a perfectly adorable cherub-cheeked baby girl 8 days ago and she 'would have set up a newborn shoot...'


Pssshhhaa! No time for ifsLet's plan! 


Naturally, I didn't need to worry very much about props.  Amy promised me that between herself and Justin, they had 'more toys than Santa himself.'  I got my craft on anyway, because that's how I roll, and forged a respectable replica from foam sheets, glitter, and elastic.  


This is an important lesson, guys:  Glitter ALWAYS improves everything.  

Never doubt the power of glitter. 


I enlisted my 10 year old to help me paint a cityscape backdrop and attached cotton batting (yep, pillow fluffing) in tufts to create a cloud filled blue sky.  Lastly, I pleaded with my 2 year old to lend me her Bat Girl dress up costume.  


I'm not above bribery.  

It cost me a travel pouch of Teddy Grahams, but was well worth the investment. 




When Amy, Justin, and baby Ava arrived, Amy spread her contributions proudly; 

  • The cutest. ever. Bat Girl baby blanket

  • An armful of Hallmark Itty Bitties superhero plushies

  • A grocery bag of carefully covered comics that I was *really* afraid to touch

  • The Wonder Woman lovey

  • A Wonder Woman outfit of epic proportions


Plan, schedule, and pull off a Newborn Session in under a week?  Heck yes we can


Ava was a doll.  She snuggled and snoozed her way through 2.5 hours of posing with our combined stash of photo props.  She loved sleeping in a wash basin.  It was one of those sessions where the family is barely out the door before I'm uploading the images eagerly. The kind that makes a person fully aware that Newborn Photographers have one of the best jobs in the whole wide world.  


You guys, I earn a living snuggling babies, doing arts & crafts, and snapping pretty pictures. That's kind've awesome, amirite?!  Bonus:  9/10x I get to continue photographing these growing families for years to come.  <3






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