Cole | Button Nose Bi-Plane Newborn Session

One of my favorite Newborn Sessions to date, Cole's parents allowed me to express my creativity

while still capturing the ideas they had in mind to express their own individuality. Trista had

planned a muted blue nursery with an aviation theme, and Zach actively rides motocross. Wanting to incorporate both of these was important to them, but the 'how' was left up to me. (Yay!)

Enter Project Mode: Sketching out the plans for the wooden plane (dubbed The Button Nose Bi-Plane) I wanted to build specifically for this session. I had found TONS of planes on Etsy, but they didn't fit the build. I needed a mish-mash of characteristics that I envisioned in my mind's eye and only those would do. And white-wash. White everything. Simple & clean, neutral colors throughout. I knew exactly who to contact for the aviator outfit I needed - She's my go-to gal of extraordinary talents and through the roof creativity. Jessica can crochet realism. It's insane. She incorporated the texture of the sheepswool from pilots jackets into the aviator hat and felted the scarf for maximum softness and flow. The goggles were practically 3D and both reversible AND removeable to double the look. I know she shopped HARD for the buttons on that brim.

I'll admit to being surprised that Cole was so content to nap inside his daddy's helmet...

...Not even a peep when we perched some massive goggles on his tiny head!

Then again, it's probably a good sign that he's already finding some comfort in there, amirite, Zach?? ;)

Whitewash floordrop from SwankyPrints. Aviation set by JLSCreationCorner.

Button Nose Bi-Plane plans & assembled planes available for purchase! Contact me for info.

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